SidduJack was discovered and promoted by
ICAR, IIHR, Bengaluru.


Copper red SidduJack with highest nutrition value is now
Protected Plant Variety (PPVRFA) .

450 Fruits

Per tree

11 States


3300 + acres

Under cultivation

Welcome to World of SidduJack

Blessed by Guru

Former head seer of Siddaganga Matha, Shri, Shri Siddhaganga Shivakumara swamjee blessed Siddu jackfruit variety. 

Endorsed by ICAR-IIHR

Under farmers participatory research development programme, ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru, Signed MOU (2017-24) with Siddu jackfruit with coppery red coloured flakes, supported & promoted it.  

Priceless legacy

The mother tree was planted by S, K, Siddappa, the father of Mr. S. S. Paramesha. He named unique Jackfruit variety after him. Mr. Paramesha was presented the “Custodian of Novel Jackfruit Types with High Nutritive Value and Attractive Coppery Red” award by the Governor of Karnataka. Mr. Paramesha has also filed applications to secure a patent to put an end wide spread piracy. 

“Plant a legacy that guarantee the better nutrition for next generations”

National Awards for SidduJack

Siddu Jack Commercialization Model

‘Bankruptcy or Indebtedness’ and ‘Farming Related Issues’ are reported as major causes of suicides among farmers/cultivators. We, at SidduJack offer income generating model by linking SidduJack bio-diversity for livelihood, nutrition security.
Refer to data about

  • 1. Planting material produced during 2017 to 2022
  •  Reach of SidduJack variety across India

Indian Institute of Horticulture, Bengaluru

Siddu Jack success, fame & widely successful adoption is result of blessings of Gurus, dutiful efforts of 3 generations and the priceless support & mentorship offered by Indian Institute of Horticulture, Bengaluru. Contribution of Dr. G. Karunakaran, the Principal Scientist & I/c Head Central Horticultural experiment Station, Hirehalli is greatly appreciable. 

SidduJack is now Protected Plant Variety.

SidduJack is now (21″ day of April 2023) registered (PPVFRA-Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act – REG/2020/348) jackfruit variety as an intellectual property. 
Mr. Paramesha S. S. have the exclusive right to produce, sell, market, distribute, import or export the variety and of authorizing any other person to do so.
Piracy & unauthorized cultivation, grafting, promotion, selling is violation of PPVFRA which would invite legal prosecution. 

Siddu Jack Nursery

20,000 sqft. well equipped Nursery is designed, built to cultivate 50000 Siddu Jack variety, 5 more popular jackfruit varieties and 10 varieties of local & native seasonal fruits. Siddu Jack nursery is well equipped with

  • Around the clock water supplier with sprinklers,
  • 24 hours power supply,
  • Safe & Secure controlled environment using CCTV camera 

What Siddu Jack fans say

B. S. Yediyurappa Former Karnataka chief minister & Member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly

“Siddu jackfruit, which contains nutrients, is suitable for homesteads and commercial farming."

Dr. G. Karunakaran Principal Scientist & I/c Head Central Horticultural experiment Station, Hirehalli

"Total antioxidant activity of 11 mg AEAC/100g indicated potential health promoting and functional food components in Siddu Jack"

Dr M R Dinesh I I H R farmer director

Siddu Jack doubles the farmer's income it preferred commercial fruit that grows in soil with less water.

Dr Geetha Mahadev Prasad Former minister

I am surprised after eating Siddu Jack fruit. It is copper red, highly nutritious fruit and commercial variety.

T B Jaychandra Former Agriculture minister

Amazing variety and i propose to all farmer's to be plant the siddu jack saplings

Sogadu Shivanna Former minister

Siddu Jack saplings is suitable for very low rainfall area.

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